Crear Vows To Protect And Improve Ward 5 Following Election

March 30, 2018

Following his election to the Las Vegas City Council Ward 5 seat in Tuesday’s Special Election, Councilman-Elect Cedric Crear thanked his team, and all his supporters, while vowing to protect and improve neighborhoods.

“I’m humbled that the people responded to my plan to elevate Ward 5,” said Crear. “At the same time, I want to spend the next year winning the respect and trust of the constituents and earning their support for a full term come 2019.”

Crear will resign both his University Regent and Las Vegas Planning Commission seats in advance of his swearing-in to the Council on April 18. Crear will select and appoint his own replacement to the Planning Commission and the University Regent seat will be filled by a gubernatorial appointment.

Crear will serve out the remainder of the term of the Ward 5 seat and will stand for retention in next year’s Spring elections, beginning with the Primary Election in April 2019.